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The Basics of Load Testing

Load testing is a non-functional software testing that is designed to see how a computer system will work under both normal and peak conditions. It is classified as “non-functional” because it is dealing with software aspects that don’t have a specific function or action. Anyway, this test helps determine the maximum operating capacity, how many […]

Load Testing Definition and Techniques

Load testing generally enables one to measure response times of a software system or computing device when demand is put on either of them. To quickly validate any given software’s usage, load testing is applied. It can, however, be used concurrently with software performance testing and volume testing. Its relevance is mostly for multi-user systems […]

Software Not Ready For Users Until Load Tested

The only way software engineers can ensure that a particular piece of new software is ready for real world users is after completing thorough load testing. A software program in a computer system may operate perfectly and perform every feature, as designed, when it is run on a development system by itself. In the real […]